Welcome to Bereavement Services Association (BSA)

'Promoting excellence in the delivery of bereavement care in the statutory, voluntary and commercial sector'

The BSA was established in May 2005 in an attempt to provide a network for all those who provide bereavement support services, primarily within the NHS.


During the preceding five years, a great deal of attention had been focused on the delivery, or lack of delivery, of bereavement support services within the NHS. This led to the Department of Health beginning a programme of consultations about current service provision and the relevance of previous guidance issued to Trusts. This resulted in them providing some funding for a number of specific projects, including the writing of a bereavement care training pack and an advice document entitled When a Patient Dies′.

The aims of the BSA are to:

  • To provide a national network for all those who work in providing bereavement support services.
  • To provide a national forum for discussion and training for those providing bereavement support services, particularly in the NHS.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the quality of bereavement services nationally
  • To raise the profile and seek recognition from stakeholders of the role of those who provide bereavement support services.
  • To raise awareness of the role and availability of bereavement support services.