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Awaiting UPDATE Medical Exam Reforms Death Cert

I am sure that most of you will already be aware of the Secretary of State's announcement, when he released the Introduction of Medical Examiners and Reforms to Death Certification in England and Wales with a planned implementation date of April 2018. As we have discussed over the years, these changes have been a LONG time coming

It is important that you read all the information, and any comments you have should be noted when you complete the consultation documents. All the information is collated in the Consultation document and how to respond is listed below:

All the documents are listed in the link: https://consultations.dh.gov.uk/death-certification/death-certification-process/ and www.gov.uk/government/consultations/death-certification-reforms

The Consultation began on 10th March 2016 and will close on 15th June, 2016

Responding to the consultation -

The consultation period is outline in the attached document, the deadline for submitting your responses and how to respond.

There are three ways to respond: online, by e-mail or by post.

There is also a contact address in Chapter 1 to use if you have a complaint or wish to submit any comments about the consultation process.

There are three ways to respond:

  1. Responding on the web

If you wish to respond online the questionnaire can be found at:


The online questionnaire will be available for the whole consultation period.

  1. Responding by e-mail

If you wish to respond by e-mail please use the questionnaire at the back of this

document. Once it is completed please e-mail to:


  1. Responding in writing

If you wish to respond in writing, it would be helpful if you could do so by completing

the consultation response form and sending it to the address below. If you do not

want to use the consultation response form or are unable to do so, then please write

with your answers and comments to: