When a Person Dies

When a person dies 13 October 2011 - National End of Life Care Programme

The National End of Life Care Programme has supported the Bereavement Services Association and Primary Care Commissioning in the production of 'When a person dies: guidance for professionals on developing bereavement services. The manner in which professionals and volunteers respond to those who are bereaved can have a long term impact on how they grieve, their health and their memories of the individual who has died. The publication covers the principles of bereavement services, along with bereavement care in the days preceding death, at the time of death and in the days following death. It also includes guidance on workforce and education and the commissioning and quality outcomes of bereavement care. NHS Trusts, community providers and commissioners will wish to consider the guidance when developing policies and services relating to bereavement.

Download as PDF:  http://bsauk.org/uploads/834766631.pdf